If you’re into health, you’ve heard the term “omega-3” thrown around quite a bit. You need more omega-3 in your diet! It’s good for the mind! If you’re unfamiliar with it, let’s take a look at what it can offer you.

What is Omega-3?

Omega-3, or O3 is a fatty acid found in fish. Usually, to take omega-3, you take fish oil if you don’t eat much fish yourself. There are quite a few effects that O3 is reported to help, such as:

Post-partum Depression

Also known as PPD, this is when you develop depression shortly after giving birth. For new parents, this can be a nightmare to handle. There are some ways to prevent and manage PPD, and one way may be putting more O3s in your diet.


For those with ADHD, their symptoms may improve with a little bit of fish oil. It’s not a magic cure, but you may notice some improvements if you or a loved one has it.


A mind is something you don’t want to lose. This valuable oil may help to improve your memory when you’re young, and may help prevent cognitive decline as you get older.

Heart Health

It can help improve your heart as well. When you’re dealing with stress, it can damage the heart, but some of the anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil may help prevent heart health issues. It’s another thing that the science is still out on, but there’s no risk in having a little bit of O3 supplements to keep your heart strong.


That’s right. You may be able to see better and reduce your risk of losing your vision as you get older if you consume more omega-3s. If your family is prone to vision loss, you can’t go wrong.

What Does this Mean for the Skin?

Since this is a beauty site, you’re going to find products that have omega-3s. They are associated with heart and brain health, but what about the skin? As it turns out, they have quite a few benefits such as smoothing out and keeping your glow going. Let’s take a look at a few more benefits omega-3s have to offer.

  • Hydrates. However, it does so without making your face feel weighed down, which is quite nice. All the flakes you have built up just disappear.
  • It can help reduce redness on your body, and make your skin less sensitive as well. If you’re in an environment that can damage you, O3 can help.
  • It has some antioxidant properties, fighting against free radicals and other enemies that may damage your appearance and make it age more than it should.

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With that said, give it a try. Whether in capsule form, fish, or through external application, it’s quite beneficial.